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Super Buddha : Featured Designs
Handprinted in Santa Barbara, CA USA
Super Buddha Yoga T Shirts. Artist Owned and Operated. Santa Barbara, CA USA

Welcome to Super Buddha...
an international collective of people like you.
Working towards enlightenment, we travel the globe for growth potential and the most positive vibes we can find. We distill our spontaneous experiences at our Santa Barbara, CA studio & create ethically produced apparel with everyone's karma in mind, including yours.

Check out our unique and one of a kind:

Yoga T Shirts, Om T Shirts, Lotus T Shirts, Buddha T Shirts, Namaste Tees & Tank Tops, Endless Knot Designs, Ganesha T Shirts, Custom Sanskrit Mantra T Shirts, Hare Ram Scarves, Womens Yoga Hoodies, Mens Yoga Hoodies, Organic Thermals and more!

Super Buddha Yoga T Shirts. Namaste from Santa Barbara, CA USA

All designed and hand printed by Super Buddha artists in Santa Barbara, CA USA.

We promote a culture rich in diversity that is based on trust, mutual respect, teamwork, and integrity. Our purpose is simple, we blend socially and environmentally sound business practices with unique designs and fabrics. We weave these together to create a line of clothes that subtly facilitate change, might get you a smile and enhance your style.

Curiosity, compassion and a love for life inspire our designs. With Super Buddha, you bring a positive message wherever you roll. We're here chopping wood and carrying water to help awaken the Buddha in everyone...
"You are all the Buddha".